Children's Integreation


Shaping the future of our children

Since most of our children are born and raised in our host community with a different cultural background compared to our homeland, it becomes imperative to have a platform through which they gain cultural exchange and understanding, language support, cultural sensitivity training, community engagement, peer support groups, etc.

Our Children’s integration program is aimed at bridging the gap in cultural differences between our host community and homeland.

Youths Of Igbo Union

Igbo Union Antwerpen is consistently working toward the promotion of a cultural group consisting of youngsters aimed at exporting the norms values and traditions of Ndi Igbo.

Program of 09/23

As students

are starting school in Nigeria this
week, the UIU Enugu office is providing school
supplies to help students in need. For the
Students in Tech program, we have also been
fortunate to receive a $3,500 donation from
Mr. Chiedozie Okafor with the ‘From A Tither’
organization. The funds will be used to purchase
five Chromebooks, school supplies, and to pay
for school fees for students in Enugu. Our goal
for the remainder of the year is to provide 30
Chromebooks in total and provide workshops
to students interested in learning more about
technology. This is where we need your help.

Connect with Us to Learn More or Collaborate

Thank you for your interest in Igbo Union. We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more
about our initiatives, participate in our events, or explore collaboration opportunities. We
value your feedback, inquiries, and ideas.

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