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Discover the Cultural Marvels of the Ndi Igbo in Belgium

Discover the richness of Igbo culture through vibrant traditions, art, music, and social customs. Embrace Nigeria’s cultural marvels with Igbotic vibes

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Our Goal is to foster unity among Ndi Igbo in Antwerpen
About Us

Preserving, Empowering

Igbo Union unites, preserves, and empowers the Igbo community, fostering growth and connection through a global network, cultural preservation, and community support.

Discussion & Speaker Events

Engaging conversations and informative talks, connecting the Igbo community through knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Annual Multi-Cultural Festival

Ndi Igbo in Antwerpen holds an annual cultural festival in collaboration with our host community (Stad Antwerpen), and various other communities in Belgium aimed at showcasing the cultural heritage of Ndi Igbo, interacting with other cultures and nationalities to promote our cultural diversities.

Our Story

Celebrating the Rich Heritage of the
Igbo People

We are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the diverse traditions, languages,  arts, and
customs that define the rich heritage of the Ndi Igbo

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the Igbo community through cultural preservation, unity, and socioeconomic advancement, ensuring a thriving future for all.

Our Leadership

Our Board consists of professionals, experts, educators, and thoughtful leaders who are
passionate about the well-being of Ndi Igbo.

Join Igbo Union

Join Igbo Union Antwerpen (IUA) to connect, empower, and celebrate the vibrant Igbo community, fostering unity, culture, and collective growth.

Our Projects

Explore Our Projects

Discover our diverse projects aimed at empowering the Igbo community and fostering cultural growth and development.

Youth Empowerment

Empowering Igbo youth through educational support.

Health Clinics

Providing accessible healthcare services to Igbo communities.

Business Mentorship

Guiding Igbo entrepreneurs towards business success.

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Meet Our Volunteers

Donald Henderson
Elizabeth Walker
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