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Our Story

Legacy and Empowerment

Discover the legacy of Igbo Union, a beacon of unity and empowerment. Through preserving Igbo heritage, fostering community growth, and advocating for the Igbo people, our story is one of resilience, cultural pride, and collective progress.

our vision Empowered Igbo Community, Thriving Future.

Our Only Mission is to unify Igbo People in Antwerpen and as well contribute positively to developing our host country

About Us

Empowering the Community About Igbo Union

Igbo Union is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering the Igbo community through cultural preservation, advocacy, and socioeconomic development. With a focus on unity, heritage, and progress, we strive to uplift and celebrate the rich heritage of the Igbo people while fostering a strong and prosperous future for all. Join us as we work together to make a positive impact and promote both the welfare of the Igbo community and our host community at large.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

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We Help

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We Build

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We Donate

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Our Team

Passionate Team Powering Progress

Our team is a passionate group of individuals committed to advancing the mission of Igbo Union, working
tirelessly to empower the Igbo community and promote cultural heritage and growth.

Michael Nicholas

Executive Member

Assistant Secretary IUA

Tony Nnamdi

Executive Member

Vice President IUA

Sam Mba

Executive Member

Treasurer IUA

Our Leadership

Our Board consists of professionals, experts, educators, and thoughtful leaders who are
passionate about the well-being of Ndi Igbo

Oparaocha Collins

Executive Member

Assistant Financial Secretary

Cyprain Vitalis Ezem

Executive Member

President Igbo Union Antwerpen

Anurika Ohaleziem

Executive member IUA women's wing

Co-ordinator Children and Youth integration


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We seek to actively engage members in professional growth through activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, recreational activities, and educational trips.


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